We love patio season!!!

We love patio season!!!

May 14 , 2021

Is there anything better than patio dining in the summer? Here at the Phoenix Steakhouse and bar, we don’t think so! As Canadians who endure harsh winters, we are all to ready and willing to move our dining experience outside as soon as we possibly can in the spring! But what is it about patio and outdoor dining that we love so much?

There is just something about enjoying a meal outside. We don’t know about you, but it seems that food just tastes better when you eat outside. Is it the fresh air that stimulates your senses, including taste? Is it the relaxed atmosphere of a patio, that puts us at ease so we can better enjoy our meal so we notice the flavours better? We aren’t sure but we suspect it’s a combination of many things, and whatever the reason we embrace it!

Eating outside is not a new concept, its been around for centuries. In the middle ages, weathly nobles would enjoy hunting feasts outdoors, and for much of it’s history, outdoor dining was something only wealthy people did. Even in North America, outdoor eating was a pastime that only the wealthy could afford. In the 18th century, wealth Americans would pay for admittance to private gardens where they could enjoy outdoor treats. It wasn’t until the Victorian era that outdoor dining became something that people of all classes would enjoy, but in general it was picnics and other “bring your own” concepts that dominated.

It wasn’t until the invention of the lowly hotdog that the idea of purchasing ready made meals to eat outside became something that was possible. Once the idea took off, more and more vendors offered food that could be purchased and eaten outside, either as you strolled, or at the outdoor seating they themselves offered. And with that the patio for dining was born!

Since those early days of outdoor dining, an entire culture has grown around eating meals outside. From trendy beer gardens to extravagant rooftop restaurants, people seem to enjoy eating al fresco more than ever before, whether it’s for the unique ambiance or just to get some fresh air. There are even lists of the best cities and places to enjoy outdoor dining. There is even a niche travel market for those who want to enjoy worldwide highly-rated al fresco dining as a highlight of their vacations.

Even science agrees that eating outdoors is good for our health and wellbeing. There are many studies that show proven benefits to eating outside such as reduction of stress, boosting of your mood, improved concentration, and a lower risk of chronic diseases.


Here at the Phoenix Steakhouse and Bar we invite you to come enjoy our incredible menu on our equally incredible patio! We really feel there is no better way to enjoy your meal, our city, and the company of your loved ones!