How would you like that done?

How would you like that done?

Mar 22 , 2021

When you come in to the Phoenix Steakhouse and Bar, in beautiful downtown Vernon BC, we want to ensure you get your steak exactly how you like it. But do you know how to order what you like? Do you know the difference between the different levels of steak doneness? When you order a steak, the first question we will ask you is, “How would you like that done?” It’s the age old question.

Many people have very strong feelings about how a steak should be cooked but the truth is, however you like it is the right way for you! But what are the options? Do you like it Medium Rare? Medium Well? What do these terms even mean? What is the difference between the different doneness levels? Here’s a quick guide to help you order your steak, so you can get exactly what you want!

The least cooked is called blue rare and is seared on the outside and still completely red throughout. In other words, the center is still raw. The internal temperature of a blue rare steak should be 115-120 degrees F.

Cooked slightly longer than a blue rare steak is a rare steak which is seared on the outside with a warm but very red center, about 75% red. The outside of a rare steak has the tasty flavor and texture we associate with steak but the fat in the meat has not had a chance to properly melt. This makes rare an excellent choice for leaner steak cuts. The internal temperature of a rare steak should be 125-130 degrees F.

From there we go to medium rare. A medium rare steak is seared on the outside and about 50% red in the center with a ring of pink between the center and the crust. Many chefs consider medium rare to be the gold standard of steak doneness. At this temperature the steak’s fat has had a chance to melt, distributing flavour throughout the meat, but conversely the moisture hasn’t evaporated, meaning you will get a deliciously tender, juicy and plump steak. The internal temperature of a medium rare steak is 130-140 degrees F.

A medium steak no longer contains any red but is still pink throughout most of the steak. Medium steaks retain the flavourful taste of a medium rare steak, but are slightly less juicy and tender, due to more moisture loss from longer cooking times. The internal temperature of a medium steak is 140-150 degrees F.

A medium well steak retains only a little bit of pinkness and tenderness, but loses quite a bit of moisture making it significantly less juicy than a less done steak. The internal temperature of a medium well steak is 150-155 degrees F.

The most done steak is well done and most chefs would say this level of done should be called over done. So much moisture has evaporated and fat leaked from the steak that it will be quite dry and tough. In fact, depending on the thickness of the steak in question, it may not be possible to cook a steak to this level of doneness without burning the outside. It is our opinion that you definitely won’t get the full experience of what a great steak tastes like if you choose to have your steak well done. The internal temperature of a well done steak is 160+ degrees F.

So now you know what each level of doneness means, but what if you are still unsure? Ask us! We can help you pick the best doneness for the type of steak you have ordered and your personal preferences. We look forward to seeing you at Phoenix Steakhouse and Bar in Downtown Vernon BC so we can introduce you to the joys of a perfectly prepared steak!


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